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323 E. Patrick St 
Frederick MD 21701​​

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Marks of the Spark Tattoos

   Tattoos ('marks') that are a reflection of your self ('spark')
   Award-Winning Tattoos by Alfie 
 Voted 'Best of Frederick'  2016 & 2017 - Frederick Magazine 

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  • Universal Precautions - all work is in compliance with MD and Fed Health regulations.
  • Privacy for every client.
  • Professional, single-use materials.​
  • Sterile, disposable, single-use needles, tubes & grips.
  • Artist wears disposable single-use apron, sleeves & gloves.
  • Machines as well as clip cords, etc. are covered with single-use, disposable protective barriers.
  • Sterile bandage and complete written aftercare information for each client.​

Alfie and Margie's

Marks of the Spark Tattoos

​Artistic Tattoos & Custom Designs 

​Award-winning Tattoos

Retired 2018