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Co-Owners - Artists 


  •  Marks of the Spark Tattoos was created in 1993 by Co-owners Alfie Lamberger and Margie Holland (both Award-winning Artists). Marks of the Spark Tattoos is known for Quality tattooing and specializes as a 'Tattoos only' studio.

  • Alfie is the full-time Tattoo Artist of 'Marks of the Spark' and Margie is now the full-time Manager. Both also create artwork in other mediums. 

  • Background includes Maryland Institute College of Art

 Twenty-one years - so far!

Still in original location at

323 East Patrick St  (near the shops of Everedy Square) 

award-winning work


  • Tattoos by Alfie Lamberger
  •  Multi Award-Winning Artist

Alfie's Professional Tattoo work for clients has won over

Twenty-five Awards

Federal and State regulations 


  •   Universal Precautions
  • Single-use set-ups
  • Sterile bandages
  • Certified Autoclave sterilization
  • Studio is Health Dept approved
  • Written 'Care of" Instructions
  • Privacy for all clients
  • For your Safety, for each client - Artist wears disposable gloves, apron, sleeves; and uses disposable protective barriers for (tattoo) machines, machine cords and work surfaces.



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Detailed work


Members: Frederick Arts Council, Downtown Frederick Partnership, Frederick Tourism Council and National Safety Council