As of 1/25/18 - Currently booked until retiring 5/12/18. (see News)

Open 12 noon-8 pm
 five days a week
  (off weds and sun)

323E. Patrick Street
Frederick MD 21701

301.662.7200 to leave voice  message.

Notice 9-30-17

Coming up for May 2018 

After 25+ busy years as an Award-winning studio; we'll be retiring 5/12/18 *
(as of 1/25/18- currently booked up until retiring)

Thanks to all of our clients over the years, it's been great to meet and work with everyone!

*The new owner of the building plans to turn our studio into office space for his construction business. Since it's not practical for us to relocate after 25+ years in our original location; we'll be retiring.

*Artwork by Alfie for sale at studio, until 5/12/18

Marks of the Spark Tattoos

   Tattoos ('marks') that reflect your Self ('spark')
   Award-Winning Tattoos by Alfie 
 Voted 'Best of Frederick' 2016 & 2017 in Frederick Magazine   

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