• Universal Precautions - all work is in compliance with MD and Fed Health regulations.
  • Professional, disposable, single-use materials.​
  • Sterile, disposable, single-use needles, tubes & grips.
  • Artist wears disposable single-use apron, sleeves & gloves.
  • Machines as well as clip cords, etc. are covered with single-use, disposable protective barriers.
  • Sterile bandage and complete written aftercare information for each client.​
 Retired & Closed Studio 
after 25+ years

Frederick, MD 

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from Alfie and Margie 

We'll be retiring in May 2018.

 The new owner of the building (where our studio has been located since we opened in '93) let us know that he plans to turn our studio into office space for his construction business.   It's not feasible to relocate our business after twenty-five years, plus being closer to retirement at this point; so we'll be retiring on May 12, 2018.

*As of May 2018; we're now Retired and our studio is closed.

*Many Thanks to all of our clients over the years. 

It was great to meet and work with everyone! ​​​

Marks of the Spark Tattoos

    Tattoos ('marks') that reflect your self ('spark')
   Tattoos by Alfie 

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As of May 12, 2018, all Gift certificates have been used or have passed expiration date. 

As per appointment/ drawing slip info:

The Drawing fee is non-refundable and is a labor fee only. Completed drawings are held on file for three months and are used for reference for work at Marks of the Spark Tattoos. Drawings are not given out.

Material left by clients for reference for tattoo work must be picked up by the client on either the 'drawing ready' date or the date of the initial appointment.  Marks of the Spark is not responsible for materials left past these dates.

The Appointment deposit is non-refundable and is usually applied towards the appointment tattoo work; but is forfeited if 24 hour notice is not given prior to appointment, to reschedule the appointment to a date within three months of the original appointment date. 

RE: Retiring and studio closing

Marks of the Spark Tattoos is not responsible for unforeseen and/or varying circumstances for clients and/or the studio that could prevent work from being completed before the studio closes.​​

Notices of Retiring and the studio closing have been posted and updated since 9/30/17 on this Marks of the Spark Tattoos  website, at the studio, and on social media.