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"Alfie is an amazing artist. Super professional. I LOVE my sleeve"

 "Alfie was professional and prepared and a great guy to talk with during my tattoo. The lines are so clean (mine is all black) and the aftercare was not intensive due to the professionalism of the work..."

​​​​​Marks of the Spark Tattoos

 Artistic Tattoos ('marks') that reflect your Self ('spark')

    Award-Winning Tattoos by Alfie, for 25+ years 
'Best of Frederick' 2016 & 2017​ 

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"This shop is wonderful... I brought in pictures with ideas and Alfie was able to put it together into a tattoo better than I expected.  He is a wonderful artist"   

"One of the best tattoo experiences I've ever come across...have recommended over and over again"  

"Clean, professional and meticulous work"

​​" I truly cannot say enough good things about Alfie and his work. He listens, shares his opinions on what will work and what won't...and he's humble about his amazing talent"   

"Alfie is a great tattoo artist who listens to every word you say, will offer you the best choices in placement and size to make your tattoo stand out"