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Alfie and Margie's​​​​​

Marks of the Spark Tattoos

  Tattoos ('marks') that reflect your Self ('spark')
~ Retired May 2018 ~
    Award-Winning Artistic Tattoos by Alfie for 25+ years 
'Best of Frederick' 2016 & 2017​ ​​

Marks of the Spark Tattoos  was a two-person  studio for 25+ years, from opening in January 1993 to retiring in May 2018, with Award-Winning Artists & Co-owners
Alfie and Margie​
Retired May 2018

As a full-time Professional Artist, Alfie created Award-Winning, Artistic Tattoos and Custom Designs for clients. Alfie also created Artwork in other mediums. as well as building customized Tattoo machines.

After originally Tattooing full-time with Alfie, Margie then became Manager of the studio. She also created Artwork in other mediums.

​Background includes the Maryland Institute College of Art 
Former Members of Frederick Arts Council and National Safety Council

Alfie's work for clients won
 over Twenty-eight Awards